It is important to understand the different aspects and stages of the renting process to successfully complete the tasks, following your needs and your priorities.

Long-term lease is a lease of six months duration or more.

Short term rental is a lease that is less than 6 months .

1 -Search accommodation:

Whatever the length of your lease may be, Valeurs Sures Agadir will offer you as quickly as possible properties which meet your criteria and budget.

Our catalogue is subject to permananet updating, thus you may not see the latest additions for a specific property on our website yet; to avoid missing out on any new item in our list, we strongly suggest to contact us via email or phone with your specific needs. We are at your service, do not hesitate to contact us.

2- Visiting the property:

During your evaluation period we will provide genuine images of the proposed properties and eventually accompany you during to visit and inspection of the property.

3- Leasing Contract:

After a satisfactory visit of your chosen property, the final step is the signature and the legalization of the leasing contract between you (the lessee) and the lessor, usually the owner. Both parties will receive one copy of the contract and after the payments, as outlined in the contract, you can start enjoying leased property.