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Our commitment: The purchase, leasing, rental or sale of your property has to be simple and clear. We offer you our vast experience in the field of Real Estate. Our professional and dynamic team is always at at your service, and monitors the compliance with your needs; we consider each request as unique and therefore we treat them with utmost care. A dedicated partner will  accompany you throughout all phases; rest assured, we take care of all steps, from the search for your property until you get the keys. You will be guided through the procedures under Moroccan law, do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have. It is a fact that buying a house or apartment can sometimes appear to be complicated; with our services you do not have to worry about anything, it is us who take care about even the smallest details.

Riads: The term Riad originates in the Arabic language and means Garden. The style of these properties is focused on a courtyard, the garden, which is usually surrounded by the building. The design of these properties allows for utmost family privacy, doors and windows of all rooms facing usually the courtyard. Often the garden is also weather protected, which allows an all-year-round usage of the courtyard. In modern Morocco, Riads are often used as Hotels and also representative estates.

Villas, MaisonsVillas, traditionally, have been upper-class country houses. In today's environment, villas can be found in various sizes, up to palace-style. Often the term villa refers to free-standing, non-terraced houses, not anymore limited to the countryside. A maison is the French wording for house. These properties can be terraced, end-of-terrace or free-standing, they just do not fit the design style of a villa. Often there are provisions for shops or mini-supermarkets on ground floor, in newly build properties these dedicated spaces are called garage, and they even may be used as such.

Appartements: Sharing a building or complex with all facilities and still have your personalized living habitat, this is possible with apartments. Frequently bought as investment, renting them out on short or long term basis, using them as your own residence, apartments are a very popular commodity and are available in all sizes and styles, with the environment you are looking for. Some of the newer complexes are designed as little villages, providing shops, garden, school, recreational facilities, basically everything you may need during your daily life.

Terrain: The Moroccan law divides land and its usage into different categories. Depending on these classifications and on their location, there may be also limitations in the status or nationality of the owner. In case you are planning to built your own residence and thus looking for a suitable ground, please speak to us and allow our team to explain the best location and the possibilities for you. With our support and assistance you will avoid to face the many hurdles you could easily find when following the wrong leads. We are your competent partner for a trouble free progress to fulfill your needs.


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