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Sale commercial walls

Commercial walls 4m² of facade 3m² showcase plus 1m door, air conditioning, tiled floor, sanitary: sink, wc, terrace in front of approx. 10m²,
Hairdressing salon: 3 armchairs, 1 sofa, 2 coffee tables, 1 champoing tub.
Situation: Close to the center, close to shops
Price: 800 000 Dhs / 77 000 €

Sale of commercial walls

The surface of this local located Rue Abderrahim Bouabid is 45m², including: gross commercial premises with two showcase 45m² plus mezzanine 25m².
Location: Near the center, near shops
Price: 950 000 Dhs / 89 622 €

Sale of commercial walls

The surface of this local located in Riad Salam is 160m ², including: between ground office, room 150m ², cloakroom with showers and wc, material: 15 bicycles, 12 big balloons, 20 carpets, various benches, mirrors, open for 15 years, 4 monitors.
Situation: Close to center, near shops
Price: 1,000,000 Dhs / 90,900 €

Sale of commercial walls

Gross commercial premises, sanitary corner, possibility mezzanine creation and two windows to install.
Location: Close to shops.
Price: 900 000 Dhs / 83 300 €

Sale office tray

The surface of this Plateau located at Avenue Hassan I is of 78m² approximately: Tray use office, a room in L glazed tiled on totality, health: toilet.

Situation: Close to shops, mountain view.
Price: 1 170 000 Dhs / 111 428 €

Murs Commerciaux

Sales, Commercial premises
The surface of this commercial property located in El Houda is about 480m² comprising of corner position with 2 fronts and full basement of 500m², available for about 15 to 20 cars.
Close to other shops
Price: 9.72 million Dhs / 883.636,36 €


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